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Open your mind now and begin to ask new, better questions, develop different habits, learn what dreams are made of and level-up to DO THE LIVING!


Do you want to Improve your Brand?

Get the insight, strategies, and tools you need to take the lead over the competition and drive your business to the next level. Improve your business approch with modern and effective strategies

Do you want to Improve your PERSONAL LIFE?

The fulfilled happiness in your life is directly proportional to the quality of thoughts we think and the questions we ask ourselves. Learn how to live in a peak state-of-mind





Your greatness awaits once you choose to change your mind and change your life and decide to dream bigger.

Achieve more and achieve greatness through RIK’s business coaching methods packed with guaranteed and proven business strategies. Some of which can be done by making you believe that your big dreams are very much possible – dream big or go home belief will eventually be second nature to you because he believes you deserve success.

This goal oriented coaching will make you focus on the good and to focus on yourself and the best version of what you can become.

Mind shifts will definitely happen to you and your mindset for greatness will eventually be inevitable because mindset matters. Join him now in his mindful movement and turn failures into valuable life lessons and an inspiration to others as well.


He took the time that we needed to explain to us and lead us into the direction and the entire team has just been blown away with his quality of time, his expertise and his dedication to seeing that we build an incredible brand for this new project we’re working on. WALT YBARRA

Melrose Recovery Group


Biggest challenge was dealing with stuff going through my head. I didn’t know which direction Im going through. Im somewhat confused / lost .. a little and Rik helped me a lot overcomming these confusions and get through every step.
Rik was straightforward, kept it real. In how I see it. The way he read me and broke it down made so much sense. I appreciated his time that he gave me for no charge. He was a blessing. I was enlightened and woken ..
I will recommend Rik to everyone whos a little lost at the moment, stressed out or is going through something in life. He could help you find yourself I believe. Carla a very good friend of mine is wasting money on card reading. Tarot tells etc. She is the 1st person I would “HIGHLY” recommend to someone like Rik. My homegirl  needs serious help.
I like it, we all need positivity. It inspired me because I’m rewiring my brain and I am open to new ways of thinking

Thanks for all the advices that you gave me RIK
I feel better now
Thanks for listening.

I’m very pessimist these days I can’t really feel good when I saw the qoute how much life is good and there is something beautiful each day.
Appreciate the love man Thank you for taking time out of your day to message me.
Hey there! Your posts are original. I love it. My name is Ajay. My goal is to live my life the way I want. To have time to travel the world and experience how beautifully this world is crafted by GOD. To help out others who are in need. I’m still struggling to get it all done. At times when I feel I have lost it all, GOD just shows me signs of never giving up by creating or showing positive energy through people like you RIK. It just makes me keep going.
Yeah!! Your page help me to be motivated after reading your post. The posts are cool.
I think I’m lucky to follow a person like you…. Thank You!
Bro your page is awesome.
Hi RIK, thanks for your good information.
Thank you so much RIK and when I wake up tomorrow I will look at your facebook page. And I will also tell you how it resonated me. Thanks and Good night
Thank you so much I actually feel a lot better then when I woke up today. What you do is amazing and I will pass on all the love I have to give to others.
Thank you for this, it’s been a while since I could talk to someone like this
The quotes keep me motivated even if I steer away from my main goal which is often my main goal now is to make a better me, a healthier and happier me ,not 100% sure what that means but I’ll find it.
Thanks for the heads up on what I can do to help my life be better
I’m not on facebook. But I love positive vibes only! Keep them coming and always smile!
Thanks for the kind gesture…..the quotes relly help me perceive situations I go through differently since I’m a university student and really keep me going from day to day.
I viewed your page and read some of your posts and immediately, I enjoyed what I read and can see you are a positive man!
I like the posts about respecting life and how we need to love ourselves .

I really like your profile it’s so deep and smart. You thought me a lot of stuffs.
I want to be a programmer and your posts just push me towards my goal.

I love these RIK. Man, I just love your heart.
Thank you, I like your energy that’s why I wanted to follow you. 🙂
MORNING !!!!!! Positive vibes your way as well…. My GOALS are too be a better version of myself than I was the moment before… I plan to maintain and sustain that ENERGY through cleaner thinking as you mentioned…. AS I THINK THERE FOR I AM……Just gotta get that thought pattern, less contaminated lol. . I appreciate you for reaching out also your motivations…. Good on you fine fellow you are appreciated.
Your page is really inspirational and makes me want to get up and do something.


This is the best gift you could ever give to others.Make them satisfied with what you can offer . Make them the best they can be, and inspire them to not just think outside the box but to live outside the box. Make them think there is no impossible, with no hesitations, but’s and why’s in life.

Life is too short to be worried my friend . Just do what makes you happy and share the love and the feeling of being love because LOVE WINS all the time !


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