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Minimize To Maximize

Hi this is RIK ASSFALG. The website is and I want to tell you a secret that you might find useful if you’re an entrepreneur, if you want to level up to the next right level in your life then this is something you might want to pay close attention to and maybe take some notes.

Jonathan Levi Mizel Interview

So this is Rik going live with another episode of Karma Fucks Best to the place where there’s no right and no wrong and here I invite amazing people to share their view on things as life’s purpose,  spirituality and of course.

Create Your Own Successful Environment

Create an environment where you can function spiritually, mentally, and physically. You have to feel well to do good. You have to be good to do well. You have to feel well to be good and you have to do good to be well.

Simple Habits Toward Success

If you want to achieve things, you’ve got to first define what you want and you define what you do not want, and then you visualize the ideal outcome.

Choose To Be Nice

I thought about this question a lot of times and I found that I have a definition for it and this is the truth for me. It does not have to be in accordance with what you hold truthful for your life. It’s a personal, subjective decision but nevertheless

First to Love

I don’t know and I am trying to find out if it’s just me or if the world has become a place where kindness and lovingness has become unfashionable or almost impossible or such a high good that nobody wants to afford it anymore

Ready Enough For Your Own Luck

Hey, this is RIK. RIK ASSFALG from Switzerland and today I would like to talk about LUCKY. “You’re so lucky.” Have you heard that too? People want to be like you, they want to be you. “You’re so lucky. I want to be you.

Mind as a tool

Hello! And have a great, beautiful, awesome day. Is your day great, awesome and beautiful yet? If not, I want to invite you to something that I just came up remembering myself. When we decide to take full control over our mind, full control over our thoughts, full control and responsibility about our thinking, at that moment, everything becomes possible

Open Your Mind To New Opportunities

Hey there. My name is RIK and today I want to talk to you about; what if I am not that fortunate?What if I did not get those opportunities other people seem to get?What if I am not born on the lucky side?What if my parents were poor?What if I am born with the wrong skin color? What-what-what et cetera.

Don’t Pussy Out

Well you should have it all, and if you do want to have it all, I have all that you need to know to make it all happen for you. Things magically fall in place once you are ready enough. So one of my new funnels for is