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Shine for yourself and also shine for other people.

How about we start a domino effect of positivism?

Take the shortcut. Avoid the drama and always stay positive.

If nothing is working, maybe it is about time for a mindset switch.

The reason for love is love.

Be a light and of help to as many people as possible.

Why just have a good day if you can have a great day?

I focus on love.

Let’s change the world a little bit today.

Be the sunshine to a person’s rather dark day today.

Sharing 1 love = doubled love.

Love is the only thing that doubles when you share it!

If you trade love for greed and treat life like an asshole, life will treat you just the same.

The more help I give – the more lucky I get.

We are 7 billion people and a few assholes trying to favor greed. Love will win ultimately. Be brave and be BOLD. The world is a wonderful place with wonderful individuals and we are more on the LOVE side. Show presence! Let’s Love louder!

Let people believe what they want and follow rule number 1 of each faith. Don’t be an asshole and love each other.

Be careful what you wish for, you might get heard.

You are here for your right reasons.

Now go and spread love.

Life happens for us versus to us.

Life happens for 1 reason only: your learning.

It’s not the rebels to cause the trouble in the world… It’s the trouble in the world to cause the rebels!

If you can’t remember why you 100% love it – leave it!

$$$ doesn’t make you happy – happy makes you $$$.

Prove your worth without hesitations.

Be careful with how you say things.

Words are very powerful.

You are what you say.

We are here to serve the purpose of our souls.

Mindset is everything.

Create a good mood for yourself and meditate.

Inspire people.

Be a positive energy machine.

Great moods come from great emotions.

Let’s change the world a little bit today.

Be who you want to be.

Be positive in the beginning of whatever you are up to.

Be more attentive to yourself.

Spoil yourself with the right affirmations.

If your best ain’t enough, it’s time to grow.

Always show what you’ve got. Odds are you don’t -there’s just nothing there… So don’t fool around… Be a PRO.

My definition if an offer and how do we know it’s successful: we focus on 100% pure love sharing – the moment people see the offer, they should feel a deep emotional connectedness with the benefit they experience from the product offered. Then we are good!

You know you’re clever when you’re stupid only once.

It’s not: “When this happens I’ll be happy.” – It’s: “Cause I’m happy – things will happen.”

Whoever or whatever is not aligning with your truth – lovably let go NOW.

Overwhelm is the number 1 killer of clear thinking.

If life is a soup, I prefer to be the spoon versus the fork.

I am not your teacher. I want you to get a result.

Careful: counting days means wasting present.

Only speak what you want to be brought into existence.

Of course – on track!

Before you die – live.

Never fall for the hype – have the trend chase you.

Don’t follow the hype. Have the hype follow you.

Be more spiritual – buy a yoga mat… LOL.

You have to get quiet and find that place in yourself that you trust.

First you make your beliefs then your beliefs make you!

HUGE difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing something. Hint: one can be measured.

If you ask the same question as anyone else – how do you expect to be any more special?

I highly recommend everybody to travel around the world. That desire will guide you straight to the place you’re really looking for, into your own grace.

Some people died 40 years before their funeral. Make sure you’re not one of them. Boldly embrace the beauty this life has to share with you by humbly appreciating the joy that lives deep inside of you.

Learn to visualize your future as much as you document your past – then lovably let both go and join in to the magic of grace.

Treat your future better than your past.

Don’t tell me that you’ve got no time unless you died. Opportunity is everywhere now!

Be ready enough and do it!

Often the question is more important than an answer.

I don’t own time, so I spend it wisely.

Don’t think you don’t think. Karma listens closely!

Don’t judge.

Don’t let can’t mean you mustn’t.

Keep that hunger alive.

It’s not the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle that’s wrong with your life. It’s the mindset of the ordinary people that sucks the most.

Distract your distractions by focusing on focus.

Keep that dream vivid!

Keep that dream alive!

Never look down to someone unless you’re helping them up.

Your heart beats left, but it’s always right. Think from the heart.

There’s always a reason for gratitude, installing a humble sensor for it will bring you a long way.

Stay on your path to mastery long enough!

The barriers restricting you are found inside of you.

When your costumer says “NO.” Love them even more.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.

Someone else with the same circumstances as you has developed this much better.

The pro-league is not for the blamer… success without sweat is a myth. BUSTED…

It’s like there are girls who know exactly how it works, and still can’t do… (same for guys)… Discipline is a bitter medicine and success without sweat is a myth.

Love it when things flow and productivity inhales genius and the other way around.

Think you’ve lost the deal? It ain’t over till it’s over.

Have a closer look at what happens to us when we switched our mindsets to love.

Believe in love… Love wins every time.

Love wins!

If you live in a small world, the small world lived in you before.

If you didn’t earn it, you can’t own it.

If you want to kiss a prince, learn everything it takes to be a princess first.

You’re a winner.

You are perfect.

You are amazing.

Yes you can.

YES you are ready. But are you ready ENOUGH.

Work hard only once.

We do not get unlimited chances to have the things we want.

We can change the world together.

Trials are blessing in disguise.

Together we can.

Thoughts make things.

There is hope to every broken dream.

The world needs you.

The early bird can kiss my socks.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Systematize that.

Surprise yourself more often.

Stop dreaming. Love the action.

Still tired wake up life is live now.

Step by step until you have it.

Speak boldly so that he world will listen.

Shine out loud to inspire not to acquire.

Shine louder.

Random opportunities can be the beginning of great achievements.

Produce versus consume.

Opportunities not for sale.

Open your doors to possibilities.

One of the kindest things that we can do is to listen

Motivate yourself to do great.

Motivate yourself through a healthy self talk.

Mistakes are miracles at work.

Make mistakes to grow, learn fast and never make the same mistake twice.

Love your opportunities and use them.

Love what you do, who you are and then strive for the better.

Love matters.

Listen to learn and speak to inspire.

Life’s too great to be boring.

Know best what you suck most at and buy time to get better.

If you work in your company vs. on your company, you don’t have a company you have a job.

I systematize.

Fuck scarcity.

Enjoy louder.

EGO KILLING is an art and a lifelong task.

Drop your fear of failure.

Drop the fear of failure. Be fearless.

Don’t rely on the world the world relies on you.

Don’t miss an opportunity; some are as unique as you.

Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity.

Dare to dream even bigger.

Dare to change your life.

Dare to change the world.

Dare to be different

Create vs Consume

Congratulations on being bold.

Congratulations for striving for excellence.

Change the world, yes you can!

Change is chance.

Believe in the magic of new beginnings.

Become a master at 1 thing and do that better than anybody.

Be your own confidant. Be courageous.

Be that rookie who changes the game.

Advanced believers create their reality.

You are special.

You are love.

You are an essential part of the whole idea of the whole concept.

We’re souls with human experiences and what matters most is love.

Welcome the opportunity for self-transformation.

We are not the same but we are equal.

Value life and its purpose.

True love begins with self love.

Today is the perfect day for a change.

Today is a perfect day to start to be more loving and more kind.

The world needs your kind heart.

The whole universe, the whole divine power, the whole belief is implanted in you.

The solution you’re looking for is never external.

The solution always lies within you.

The reason for love is love.

The energy we give is exactly the energy we receive.

Stop waiting for luck make it happen start now.

Stop judging. Start with ME.

Stop judging start loving love.

Still don’t believe in karma? LOL.

Share love and it doubles!


Reminder you are beautiful.

Remember to love yourself REGARDLESS.

Positive energy OUT, positive energy IN.

No one is looking, shine louder.

More loving less judging.

Manifest love by starting with yourself now.

Magical things happen with self love.

Love+Love=More Love

Love yourself first!

Love you one more!

LOVE wins every time!

Love, the world needs you.

Love people, love life, and love love.

Love life more.

Love is the answer.

LOVE is the answer. Why not ask better questions?

Love every moment of your life.

Love and light is what connects us with the world.

LIFE’s challenges are blessings.

Life rocks more now.

Life is really about love.

Life is precious – ego kill NOW.

Life is not worth it without love.

Let everybody be.

LEARN, LOVE and LIVE life to the FULLEST.

Knowing what you don’t know is pure power.

Karma knows.

Karma hears what you think you don’t think.

Karma hears and sees everything especially what you thing you don’t think.

Karma fucks best.

It feels good to do good

In the end, LOVE is the only thing that matters.

If you want to be loved, become lovable first.

I remain wishing you an enlightening experience, always.

Heart heard what the mouth cant express.

Give love and receive love freely.

Generosity surprise everybody.

Forget pride try gratitude.

Don’t judge.

Don’t judge. Life is a boomerang.

Don’t believe in karma? LOL.

Do more loving.

DARE to touch LIVES.

Curiosity for each days blessings keep the motor running.

Congratulations there is nothing wrong with you.

Congratulations on loving yourself first today.

Congratulations on loving more.

Congratulations on living love and respect.

Communicate with your heart.

Communicate with your heart to hear what is not being said.

Choose to spread love. Energy returns, always.

Choose to appreciate more especially the little things.

Better be good to yourself.

Being loving and kind is FREE.

Become lovable.

Become a lover of what you do.

Be the first domino of the love effect.

Be prepared to give love and receive love always.

Be kind because life is not fair.

Be good to yourself first.

Be good to others and do well.

Be generous with your efforts toward greatness.

Be boldly preset.

Be an ambassador of love and respect.

Be a messenger and say thank you more often.

ALWAYS remember to be kind and loving to yourself first.

Action equals reaction. Love+Love=more Love!

A thought well meant can be a mantra.

A life lived well is enough legacy.

Let’s start the cycle of responsibility.

Take control over your life now.

Blaming is the cowardice’s way. Be brave and take accountability with your life.

The more you blame, the more you let circumstances take control over your life.

If you rely your life on circumstances, you will just learn to adjust to what is already there and not to really take action in your life.

Do not blame your parents, your country, your president, and even your dog for eating your homework. You are responsible for the results in your life.

The bad news is: there is no one to blame but ourselves. The good news though is that we are responsible for the outcomes in our lives.

Believe in yourself fiercely enough so the world would see how to believe in you too.

Who you are to the world is who you are to yourself.

When we find ourselves asking questions on why does things, both negative and positive happen to us, always choose to look within and not without. Turn that eye and mind towards yourself.

Believe you will succeed or believe you will fail. Either way, you are right.

Know your fear and make it look funny.

There will be doubters, critics, and people who will wait for you to fail. But you know what’s worst, it’s when you’re one of them.

The grandest illusion is we think we have a lot of time.

Be brave with your life and take risks.

Failures are a part of your journey. Don’t let it define you entirely. Instead, look at it as your step closer to the goal.

Are you really happy or just comfortable?

Nothing great grows in your comfort zone.

Stop waiting for luck to happen. Make it happen.

Your circumstances do not dictate your outcome. You do!

One can always apologize and be forgiven for broken agreements but the privilege must not be abused.

Invest in your relationships and honor your word.

People understand when you communicate more from your heart.

It’s either you are 100% committed to your word or not at all.

What you say, you do.

Empower your people by giving them responsibilities and accountability.

Be bold with what you need to say and don’t leave room for other people’s interpretation.

Be clear on what you want and what you don’t want.

Do it!!!

Do not wait for the moment to be proud of yourself only when you achieved the goal. Be proud every step of the way.

Let go and trust the flow of things because what you resist persist.

Despite the hardships, despite the challenges, despite the failures, please promise me that you will always, always keep that hunger for progress.

Every day, every hour, every minute every second… It is a chance for us to grow and evolve.

We are all in a phase of constant evolution.

When at times we see our lives as a reality that we need to escape, how about we change that mindset and see it as a blessing that we can redesign, realign, and redirect to truly live a life that we really want?

Progress also comes in the form of failures.

No matter how dark your day is, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

There is ALWAYS something that pushes you forward.

In whatever you do, always take time to pay attention to your progress no matter how little and unnoticeable they are.

Progress is the fuel of life.

Let the process flow. Even if you did not plan it to be.

Stay away from negative thoughts. These emphasizes your failures and will trick you to give up. Please, don’t you ever believe them.

Failures are only steps you need to take to be closer to achieving your goal.

Nothing great comes easy.

Failures are the best times to reassess and to start again… this time wiser and smarter.

If at the first attempt you don’t succeed, keep in mind that there is an infinite number of possibilities and ways for you to be successful.

Every little step counts. No matter what, never stop moving forward.

If in the process, you cannot find any progress, it’s the perfect time to realign and redesign your system.

Progress in the process results to a process that progresses.

When everything is down, remember there’s no other way but UP.

Minimize to maximize so you can grow and everything is great.

Lead your people healthily so they learn from their mistakes and know better the second time around.

Find a system that works for you (and not for them).

Keep moving forward.

Keep that hunger of constantly learning.

Focus solely on what you want.

Give maximum usefulness through minimal effort and waste of resources.

Keep it short and simple.

Effectivity vs. Efficiency

MAXIMIZE by minimizing.

Spend your precious time with people who celebrate your greatness.

Forget ego. Forget hatred. Forget fear. Let that all go because in happiness you just have to BE.

Happy is an easy and effortless state. Just look within.

Riches and fame are external things. External things end. And if we depend our happiness on external things, our happiness will probably have an end.

Happiness makes people love more, give more and serve more with a whole heart.

Happiness is an inside job.

Don’t settle for 2nd if you know you can be the 1st.

How we dream will always depend on how we see ourselves.

Infinite possibilities come to those who are not afraid to dream.

It is free to dream, so dream BIG!

Visualize and act on what you truly want for yourself.

100% belief will lead to 100% result.

Be ready enough to shift the gear to an awesome life.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, pave your own way to success.

People give their credit card, cause you’ve got something they have not.

Be kind. Say “please”, “thank you” & “I appreciate you” more.

Your attitude determines your altitude.

Travelling 1st class and staying 5 star is totally worth it, cause you get the better pens.

They call me guru whisperer.

TEAM makes the DREAM.

Striving for excellence by improving then optimizing it goes step by step. Launching is a different thing: you should always launch imperfect, or you won’t launch at all.

I’m not a teacher, not interested to be right either. I’m here to lead a fucking revolution where people become one and the answer is LOVE.

Surprise with generosity.

Love yourself first.

Don´t judge. Do more loving!

Be grateful and stay humble. Kill your ego.

Love more!

Be good – do well.

Fuck Scarcity!


Thanks for shining louder!

Thanks for spreading awesomeness!

I am here to be a light to encourage others to dream louder, to live bigger, to implement what makes this life so much better. I am here for a fucking revolution man!