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1. I am an exceptional being. I love and I celebrate my uniqueness.
2. I am lovable. I give out love freely and receive love with a grateful heart.
3. I am worthy and grateful for the blessings coming my way today.
4. I am beautiful inside and out that I honor my body today and take loving care for it.
5. I happily share my blessings to inspire other people.
6. I use my learnings and keep that hunger for new ones.
7. I am brave. I am clear with what I want and not of what others want for me.
8. I am enough and I give to the world my very best.
9. I am forgiving. I forgive myself and others for doing me wrong… even if they are not sorry.
10. I am loved by the people that gives meaning to my life, and that feeling completes my whole being.